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Tours in the Khabarovsk Territory

12 reasons to visit Khabarovsk Territory

  • Admire the panorama of the capital of the Far East Khabarovsk from a bird's eye view. Visit memorable places of Khabarovsk and Khabarovsk Territory
  • Fly over the lost world of the Dusse-Alin mountain range, climb the peaks of the mysterious mountains
  • To get acquainted with the fauna and flora of the Far Eastern taiga. Watch bird migration on Lake Bologne
  • Take a swim in a mountain lake, enjoy the majestic spectacle of thundering waterfalls, take a yacht, boat or boat on the Amur open spaces
  • Follow the Dersu Uzala trail along the trail of the Ussuri tiger
  • Go fishing on the Amur River, the mountain rivers of Anyui, Jalinda, Havalda, Uda, Khor, Katen, Koppi, in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Tatar Strait. Taste the royal food; fish soup from taimen, grapefruit jarech
  • To hunt a brown bear, red deer, wild ducks.
  • For those who love comfort and nature at the same time: climb to one of the bases with all the benefits of civilization and watch the bears walk in the taiga
  • Meet with the natives of the Far East, get acquainted with their culture, hear the ancient rhythm of a shaman tambourine, try on a wedding outfit made of fish skin, see unique natural monuments and receive the blessing of a stone shaman.
  • Breathe in the healing mountain, taiga, river, lake, sea air
  • Create the rarest collection of photos and videos

We have developed routes that most fully reflect the sights of the region.

Having chosen the Khabarovsk Territory, you can choose your most wonderful and unique route.

                                         Come to us!


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