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Shantar Islands Expedition

Expedition tour "Shantar Islands"

Expedition tour "Shantar Islands"


The Shantar Islands is an archipelago located in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk at the entrance to the Academy Bay, Tugursky Bay and Udskaya Bay. It consists of many rocks and kekurs, as well as fifteen large and small islands: Diomede Stones, South, Medium, North, Sukhotina, Steller Sea Stones, Prokofiev, Kusov, Sugar Loaf, Utichy, Bird, Bear, Belichiy, Small Shantar, Feklistova and Big Shantar. The total area of ​​the archipelago is about 2,500 square kilometers. The islands were discovered in 1718-1719 by the expedition of Yakov Yelchin.

The islands are striking in their beauty. Summer here is short, but very stormy. Dozens of waterfalls are thrown from the steep Shantar shores. Unique rivers and lakes. The largest is Lake Bolshoi with the Olenya River flowing into it.

A closed basin was formed between the islands and the mainland, which is called the Shantar Sea. The splendor and richness of the northern island and sea nature, pinnipeds rookeries, whales, including the Red Book Greenland, killer whales, bears and other wild animals, completely calmly reacting to humans.

The geology of the islands is interesting. The shores are a real geological open-air museum. The islands of Bolshoi Shantar and the island of Feklistova can be called treasure islands: some rocks are completely composed of semiprecious stones. Of different colors and shades, rainbow jasper and other breeds shimmer in the sun and amaze the imagination.

The largest island - the island of Big Shantar-1790 sq. Km. The second largest - the island of Feklistov about 400 square meters. km Next are the islands of Small Shantar and Belichiy. The length of Bolshoi Island from north to south is 65 km, from west to east about 47 km]. The northern tip of the island is Cape Severny, the south - Cape Philippa, the western - Cape Rainbow, the eastern - Cape Northeast.

The island is crossed by two ranges: Stalin (Central) and East. The Stalin Ridge is a watershed of the two main river systems of the island (Priozernaya lowland) - the southern and northern. Not reaching the middle of the west coast, the Stalin Ridge splits into two chains. One of the latter goes north (the Northern chain) and overlooks the sea at Cape North-West, the other stretches south-west (the Western chain) and ends with Cape Raduzhny. On the east coast of the island, the most significant chain - the Vostochny Range - stretches along the coast to the northeast, to Cape Northeast. The highest point of the island is Mount Vesyolaya with a height of 720 m. Other peaks: Anaur (637 m), Sukhaya (586 m), Amuka (565 m), Philippa (532 m).

Yakshina Bay deeply protrudes into the southwestern coast of the island, into which two large rivers flow: Bolshaya Anaur and Yakshina. Most of the island is covered with coniferous forest, the basis of which is spruce and larch. In the southern part there are birch and alder.

A chapel was erected on the island of Bolshoy Shantar by the famous traveler Fyodor Konyukhov and the famous organizer of hiking in Shantary Igor Olkhovsim

During a trip to the Shantar Islands, you will live on an equipped base, watch the games and lists of whales and killer whales, admire pinniped rookeries, fish, cook amazing delicacies on the fire of a fresh catch, enjoy amazing natural phenomena: sunsets, sunrises, a foggy rainbow, now and then the turbulent, then calm, stern Sea of ​​Okhotsk, bizarre cliffs and kekurs and travel along the coastline of the Shantar Islands.

Okhotsk Sea - Whale House
The Shantar archipelago and the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk is a paradise for fishermen and photographers. Whales, killer whales, seals, bears and other inhabitants of these places are not afraid of humans. The unusual flora of the islands and the coast will not leave you indifferent.

You take pictures on the background of cliffs of semiprecious stones, or the endless sea, where sea lions and other pinnipeds are warming on the shore, sparkling in the sun, killer whales, whales play, amazing birds fly and swim, and this photo will decorate your album, and memories about it the campaign will be the brightest and most romantic. You will taste real, fresh, freshly obtained Okhotsk Sea delicacies: crabs, various types of fish, salads from local plants, hot tinctures from coastal medicinal herbs. Our cooks are real professionals and will be able to impress you with the Far Eastern cuisine.

The main program of the tour is the observation of whales, killer whales and other cetaceans, as well as: excursions in the Shantar archipelago, sea and river fishing.

Dates of the expeditions "Shantara 2020:"

Dates of the expeditions "Shantara 2020:"
Auto Ride
August 20-30, 14 places (there are places)
July 19 - 29, 14 places (group full)
August 4-14, 14 places (group full)
August 12-22, 14 seats (group full)
August 28 - September 7, 14 seats (group full)
September 5-15 - 14 places (group is full)
Tour cost per person 149 thousand rubles.
When recruiting a group of 14 people. organizer for free (13 + 1)
Helicopter tour (no seats)
August 11 - 21 - 16 people
August 19 - 29. - 16 people
Tour cost per person 230 thousand rubles.
When recruiting a group of 14 people, the organizer is free (13 + 1)
It is possible to organize corporate group tours outside the schedule of typesetting groups, at the most convenient dates.
the cost of a group tour autostay: 2 086 000 rubles.
When recruiting a group of 14 people. organizer for free (13 + 1)
The cost of a group tour helicopter - standard - 3 220 000 rubles.
The cost of a VIP group tour is 4,600,000 rubles.
Translator cost - 200 thousand rubles per group

The expedition program to the Shantar Islands. Standard


From Khabarovsk

On this day, early in the morning, after meeting with the group, you will go to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The distance to the coast is more than a thousand kilometers, the trip will take from 20 to 36 hours (taking into account possible overnight travel).



Today on the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk your car trip will end.
From Nicholas Bay on speed boats you will go to Wrangel Bay (1.5 hours by sea). Here, stay at the base, relax and go to the bath.
(Sea transition time depends on the ebb / flow phase and weather)

DAY 3 - 5

Whale watching

These days you will spend in the Wrangel Bay, watching the bowhead whales. Their weight reaches 150 tons and a length of 22 meters. In this place, most of the population of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk lives. Orcas also enter the bay.

You can fish in the sea, from the shore or try to catch with your hands going to spawn fish in a coastal key.


Way to Ongochan

Early in the morning on speed boats, you will go to Ongachan Bay through the Academy Bay (60 km, 2-2.5 hours). The path will pass through the open sea. You will meet flocks of seabirds - hatchets, ducks, gulls. The route is built so that you can see whales and killer whales.

(sea passage is directly dependent on weather and storm conditions)

DAY 7 - 9

Shantar archipelago

These days you will find a journey through the Shantar archipelago. These are the wild islands where the national park is located.

On the island of Bolshoi Shantar, semiprecious jasper slates, white quartz and marble veins lie directly on the surface. Utichiy Island is a nesting site for the Sea of ​​Okhotsk birds. And in Yakshino Bay you will see an abandoned whale oil processing plant and learn its history. There will be an overnight stay on the islands. You will live in tents. After its completion, you will return to Ongachan Bay.

DAY 10

Way home

On this day, you will go to Nikolai Bay, from where you will leave for Khabarovsk. Early in the morning on the 11th day you will arrive in Khabarovsk.

The journey starts from the fishing complex, where you can buy fresh red caviar and watch the process of harvesting salmon.

Included in the price:

Auto Services: Khabarovsk-Bay of Nikolai-Khabarovsk
Delicious food (sharaban, shurpa, seafood by season, etc.).
Cook, instructor, guide.
Obtaining permission to visit the national park.
Obtaining permission to travel on private roads, obtaining permission to travel through sensitive facilities.
Daily excursions to the most interesting places in western Okhotsk, to the Shantar Islands and coastal bays (depending on weather conditions), whale watching.
Gasoline for boats.
All group equipment and equipment for the tour.
Watching movies, board games, etc.
Whale Watching.
Bed linen on the basis of Ongochan.
Bath every day at all bases.
Bonfire evenings and good company, leisure in the cabins of the company based on Ongochan
Satellite connection.

Additional paid services:

Full accident insurance (evacuation from anywhere by helicopter and medical escort) about 2 tr (depending on the amount and duration).
Services of a videographer and photographer (negotiated separately depending on the requirements of the client).
WI FI based on Ongochan cost is negotiated depending on the consumed traffic.

Note: (the transfer to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk is carried out by Toyota High buses, on a segment of 130 km depending on the condition of the road, it is possible to replace the car with a four-wheel drive Gazelle brand with soft seats).
Accommodation on the base of Ongochan, accommodation in a tent camp in Wrangel Bay (there is a common house for 14 people, a bathhouse and other infrastructure).

Additionally: Translation services for foreign tourists - 150 thousand rubles. for the whole group for 12 days

Accommodation: Base Wrangel Bay, campground, Base Ongochan 4-6 local houses.

VIP class tours. Delivery takes place by helicopter from Khabarovsk and back, which significantly reduces travel time and saves energy. You will be served by a greater number of instructors, guides, cooks will work 24 hours. Organization Level - All Inclusive. An interesting leisure will be organized for you in the evening, bards and more. Dates, the tour program (whale, pinniped observation, sea and river fishing, tours of the archipelago) is negotiated with the client in great detail. The average duration of such a tour is from 4 to 8 days. Development of an exclusive and individual program. The group must be at least 10 people.

The final cost of the tour is determined at the time of booking and depends on the number of people. in a group


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